Computer application system, Microcomputer embedded system design and manufacture
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Our company is a system house that deals with developments, designs, and manufactures of the system mainly using a computer for embedded software(firmware) developments, circuitries, electronic devices, designs and examination or test equipments.

We designs the equipment which is needed as a base for customers' productivity drive according to demands.
We also offers a system integration.

Moreover, we deal with a circuitry of trial production boards, evaluation boards, manufactures, etc.
We are placed to follow your order and take them from a small scale or quantity.

eVY1 module is "a MIDI sound module to sing" to use the "NSX-1"*1 was equipped with a "eVY1"*2 by the collaboration with Yamaha Corporation.

Details are here.

*1 "NSX-1" is a tone generator LSI that can be output by the singing voice virtual singer's popular around the Internet dedicated sound source by "eVocaloid".*3
*2 eVY1 is a library that was produced in the "eVocaloid"*3 dedicated to original Japanese female voice library "VY1".
*3 eVocaloid is a trademark of Yamaha Corporation.

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